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wig like a dead dog and a chair on his head

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1 wig like a dead dog and a chair on his head 于 周二 十月 25, 2016 11:25 pm

Imagine your apartment stormed your furniture covered with a layer of loose powder and false hair, glitter in your couch and traces of mascara on your pillows. Imagine two kinds of drag queens perched on heels 15, currently strive to move your furniture. One of them, 2 meters tall and green hair to match, which pulls your room table eating like a savage. The other, smaller, blood on his lips, a wig like a dead dog and a chair on his head, trying to pester for information or to ... That you understand, it takes room to dance ...

You are visualizing about? You see the mess, Apocalypse of vision, the nightmare of the psycho, the floor squeaks under the onslaught of the heels and the damn chair that is found on the sofa, for lack of a place to be asked?
Check Your Beauty, she u part wig, she did not see that. She suffered. And yeah.

By this, in fact, last weekend in Bordeaux, is a kind of criminal gangs that formed a gang fed Pineau and mascara, a blob with multiple personalities who decided to collaborate. Basically, I had a shoot with Misery, Tomi an interview with Check Your Beauty straight human hair wigs, The Owl and a Ferret Card Against Humanity which play, and said Tomi and I decided to launch our "Drag Project".
Hence the brothel at Elise that hosted us, lent us his stuff and we helped a little filming.

Tomi, of course, is Tomi Perry. Damn diva spiked shoes, the kind that blows you femoral one kick, if he wants he can kill you. The eye liner stretched to temples and parrot green makeup, perfect contouring and the most beautiful lipstick that can be found, class, and yeah.


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