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resources to make other wigs up a Facebook page wigsen.com

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Having cancer is already scary for a child, but when in addition it must go through chemotherapy and suffer all the inconveniences, it really is not funny.
And when, above all that, you lose your hair, it can be really sad and anxiety.
Holly Christensen is an American mom, oncology nurse. It's very frequently it is exposed to the suffering of his patients and sadness, for some, to see their hair down. So when the daughter of a friend fell ill with cancer, she immediately wanted to do something that could reassure her. And as a snub to his hair loss, Holly wanted to make him a "wig" of heroin has the longest hair in the world: Rapunzel.

When the child received his wig is immediately she wanted to wear it and did more left.

Very quickly, the other girls who were in the same unit as the child wanted to also have the same style wig, so Holly had to find resources to make other wigs up a Facebook page, make calls donations to buy the son eventually be faced with a request that she could not afford.

So, with The Magic Yarn Project clip in hair, Holly has established a volunteer system: everyone can participate in this project in many ways, either by *** the wigs through tutorials that are available on the website of The Magic Yarn Project, either crocheting small accessories, or by son of donations or by participating financially in the project.

A total of over 1000 wigs that were requested in a few months, The Magic Yarn Project offers yet more wigs that target girls, but she promises Holly considering other types of wigs that would suit children who want a hair pirate or Viking.

Holly's goal is to train as many people to achieve these wigs so that supply can match demand, which is, unfortunately, increasingly growing.

The association receives wigs from many countries, it also delivers worldwide.


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