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white wig and powdered face as the nobles wigsen.com

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1 white wig and powdered face as the nobles wigsen.com 于 周四 十一月 03, 2016 11:28 pm

Sunday, the first show of the cultural season of Oésia was a hit. The program of the pre-opening of humor Devos evening, "Concerto for Two clowns", a musical burlesque circus show winning rightly, at the Avignon Festival (Vaucluse) last year. Presented by the president, Claude Even itself, it was interpreted by the Kings vagabonds company based in the Jura.
She, graceful, white wig and powdered face as the nobles of old, beautifully plays the viola. He, clumsy brandishing a tuba, is struggling with a huge trunk. After several highly acclaimed acrobatics, musician teaser spectator then grows immeasurably. well soon realize it is carried by his companion hidden under her dress. Follows a hilarious skit where it ends up hanging from the ceiling of the chandelier.

Boat and bullfighting

The trunk becomes boat and musicians stunt mimic an aquatic ballet on "Adagio" by Albinoni. The Andalusian here with castanets for tomfoolery on "Bolero" by Ravel, which ends on a humorous mock bullfight.
After a lullaby recovery in chorus by the room, a beautiful horn solo revives the fair prisoner of the wooden box. His companion, hanging luster, covered with a shower of petals of flowers and the two fly away to paradise. Angels or birds?
A final recital on the "Ave Maria" by Gounod triggers a standing ovation from the room. The public demands numerous reminders earned by the two artists, virtuoso musicians, stuntmen and talented acrobats.


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