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especially that awful wig that bears his so-called

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1 especially that awful wig that bears his so-called 于 周一 十一月 07, 2016 10:35 pm

"The character representing Mr. Greene is shown in the process of using cocaine on the premises of the company, and that, during office hours. The film also contains other scenes with Mr. Greene as immoral depraved, several passages during which he slept with prostitutes. Mr. Greene might be forever attached to these crimes and this detestable behavior [...] when he has never been questioned by the police, charged or even arrested for the despicable behavior he adopts in the film. "states the lawsuit filed by the former partner of Jordan Belfort and relayed by the Hollywood Reporter. But what gives the most white-haired Andrew Greene is especially that awful wig that bears his so-called avatar, Nicky Koskoff throughout the film. "The use of hairpiece is accentuated and mocked the will to harm," protested Does il.D'autant that, according to the French daily Le Figaro, "neither Paramount nor did Martin Scorsese had his permission to use his name, image or identity. "

Note that this is not the first time that The Wolf of Wall Street is attacked. Indeed wigs for african american, last December, the daughter of Tom Prousalis who worked -with Jordan Belfort had written an open letter published in LA Weekly and accusing the film of being "dangerous" and take part for cocaïnés criminals who populated the Financial district in the 90 A wolf hunt against which the main actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, has not hesitated to step up.

Andrew Greene, he knows that with $ 310 million of revenue, The Wolf of Wall Street has plenty pay his youthful errors and unveiled in theaters. Yet Andrew Greene's actions had already been exposed in the autobiography of Jordan Belfort (published in 2009) and it was not shown.


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