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eon pink wigs are agitated in every direction

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1 eon pink wigs are agitated in every direction 于 周三 十一月 16, 2016 10:12 pm

Direction the market of Tréboul, through the Treiz. While the music, of course, with batucadas Douarnenez and Quimper.

In the alleys of the market, between the food stalls, vendors, and customers stop for a moment, dumbfounded and delighted. Children, eyes open, observe the Minions to miss them.

After leading the market back to bowling for the colored troops. There, long tables were set up and each leaves its snack lunch. We must gain strength for petanque.

86 teams

"The first bowling we organized brought together 86 teams, says the president of the animation committee of Douarnenez Gras, Mickaëlle Jadé. This year, 170 teams came to play. That's 340 people! "

On the bowling alley, the laughter broke. "You have to refasses the same thing, but more to the right! "Laughs a man. "Hey, what are you doing? I see you move my ball with your feet! "

After an afternoon-sporty and friendly towards Spain for the evening meal. "We expected 300 paella share," adds Mickaëlle Jadé.

The evening ends in a festive atmosphere always with the ball, led by Quimper percussion group. The theme: 80 - 90. On the track, neon pink wigs are agitated in every direction.

"With these summer Gras, we wanted to show the Douarnenez spirit to those who do not know, concludes Mickaëlle Jadé. The spirit of the festival of humor and self-mockery. "


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