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those who are devoid of supercilium wear a wig

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1 those who are devoid of supercilium wear a wig 于 周一 十一月 28, 2016 9:27 pm

ake Alopecia: eyebrows prosthetic man and woman
This is the real sticking point for those who suffer from alopecia, (besides the obvious lack of hair), and by failing, facial appearance will be less natural. Prosthetic eyebrows in natural hair, are an optimal solution, higher than the classic trick for alopecia consists of eye liner.
They are fundamental, fact no eyebrows, his features and the look will be much more marked and suffering. Precisely for this reason those who are devoid of supercilium wear a wig, tending to cover his face with thick fringes, long and unnatural.
Natural eyebrows, are machined on a base in super thin film. The hair are manually inserted one at a time, by injecting them on this micropelle reproduced. also they are safe in the water or playing sports. Reapply every 7.10 days approximately.
They are visible to http://www.parruccheonline.com/sopracciglia-protesiche/1055-sopracciglia-eyebrow.html page
Now look at the video how to wear a prosthetic eyebrows
Make Alopecia: Waterproof Makeup semipermanete
The professional kit for eyebrows by Ellen Wille. Within seconds eyebrows perfect !!!! This does make up for 24 hours even in the shower, in the pool, in the sauna. Ideal for those without eyebrows for medical reasons or for alopecia, but also exceptional for those who have them, but they are very thin or fine.

Makeup kit eyebrow, is equipped with six different colors, a double and three heavy duty brush shapes to draw no flaws, the most pleasing shape for your face. Waterprof these colors, they are also valid for doing make-up. perfect face all day.


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