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actually wore full or partial wigs on several occasions

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1 actually wore full or partial wigs on several occasions 于 周日 十二月 25, 2016 11:42 pm

During his last interview with Marie Claire, Kylie Jenner spoke fashion wigs launched from her: but what the star really have copied?

When it comes to beauty trends, by a year or so there is always the hand of Kylie Jenner: the young socialite of the Kardashian clan, known for its hand chameleon and his great desire to experiment look different, in no time has launched different fashions in make up and more! Before contouring, taken from more Kim Kardashian sister and then applied to the lips, with a technique to make them look even more bulky, and then again with the spray tan and colors of ever-changing hair, until the use of wigs! Kylie Jenner, in his imposing mansion, has a "glam room" called the room dedicated to everything that used to be beautiful curly hair wigs online, including fake hair.

Kylie Jenner actually wore full or partial wigs on several occasions, not to dye my hair all the time (even if she likes it!) And in the last interview with Marie Claire, after confessing what he thought of his father Caitlyn, has also talked about this beauty trend: "I started putting wigs and now wear them all (...) I do just what I feel like, is other people who follow me." How to blame her? In recent months, several stars who have followed his example by Gigi Hadid and her "faux bob" to Zendaya with her pixie cut wigs real human hair, up to Shay Mitchell and his sudden mid-cut with fringe in clear mahogany!


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