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method that is seen in wigs for alopecia Indio-Asian

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1 method that is seen in wigs for alopecia Indio-Asian 于 周二 十二月 27, 2016 10:03 pm

When you buy a wig for real hair in alopecia it is also necessary to evaluate the type of hair used.

If you want to have a look as natural as possible it is important to wear a wig for quality alopecia, with hair that look very much like their own. In our case this is synonymous with European hair.

Light, thin but substantial, the particular hair Europeans have a ripple and naturally perceptible to the touch and sight. Who does not deal with European hair wigs for alopecia it argues that there is no difference.

Hair Asian and the majority of Indians are thicker hair and in particular the oriental hair has a ripple, rough and "rigid" when not completely straight.

Another aspect is the color; The bleaching and dyeing are required to obtain from Asian or Indian hair (or very dark blacks to 'origin) colors as close as possible to the natural colors of European hair.

The problem is that the basic colors of the Asian and clearer Indian hair is "reddish" and to get the ash-colored, brown-based colors and gold, as in many European hair brazilian hair wigs, you need a huge amount of dye.

In particular, this concerns the color of massive production method that is seen in wigs for alopecia Indio-Asian lace front wigs black women, where the hair is removed the cuticle and loses all its natural shine.

Wigs for alopecia European Follea hair are created using the finest and hair processing methods are colored only just enough to get the color range Follea Trucolor.


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