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from miss blonde wig and headband

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1 from miss blonde wig and headband 于 周一 一月 16, 2017 8:59 pm

- Halloween is a must for many of the actors of Beautiful, in search of a disguise that it can enhance them and amuse them. The most active from this point of view are the worldly Pierson Fodè and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who spent the long night of October 31 with dresses to say the least funny. The Thomas Forrester interpreter was dressed as the Easter bunny murderess, hiding her face but showing an amazing body in the company of his closest friends (Click here to see the photo posted in his Instagram profile). Much more classical, however shop human hair wigs, was the choice of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: for her a dress with a lot of Irish from miss blonde wig and headband. They could not be lacking in this case, his dearest friends, all with the same theme clothing. Click here to see the shot posted on Instagram by actress who lends his face to Steffy Forrester.


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