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a wig definitely will help us

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1 a wig definitely will help us 于 周三 一月 18, 2017 9:10 pm

We do not always want to dress up for Carnival with a complete look, maybe we prefer to use only one pò of make-up and a wig, for example straight hair, or some other accessory for your hair dedicated to this party. It all sounds easy, and indeed it is, cuz thanks to the web can be found online for lowcost Carnival disguises and even hair accessories: wigs from the bead, for our hairstyles.

If we decide to dress such as Barbie or want to interpret some characters from Disney flowing hair, a wig definitely will help us to better enter into the character and to make more credible our disguise. for example on Pelatelli site, we will find everything you need: the wig with pigtails manga style full lace remy wigs, going for long colored hair or fairy with such starlets. If you want to surprise everyone, the geisha is super chic!


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