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who need to buy a wig after chemotherapy.

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1 who need to buy a wig after chemotherapy. 于 周五 十一月 18, 2016 2:49 am

Your hair can make the happiness of a person being cared for cancer. A Malouine convinced a hairdresser to cut her hair 50 cm for Solidhair association.

When Nicole was sitting, it was on her hair! For this flaming mop of 70 cm long, at the rate of one centimeter per month shoot, that represents several years of waiting and maintenance. "I wanted to shorten, but it bothered me to waste. I checked and, through word-of-mouth, I heard the national association Solidhair. "

The latter collects hair cut, at least 20 cm, for resale to wigs manufacturers. The money raised is then used to assist in the amount of € 300 human hair upart wig, the poorest people who need to buy a wig after chemotherapy.

The grant is awarded conditionally to an income ceiling. It goes through a folder to mount wig lace front, with the hospital social worker. A natural hair wig costs at least € 400, and the price can rise to € 1,000 (which is also the price per kilo of strands of exceptional length of 50 cm.)

Nicole ended up finding a hairdresser listening to Paramé Pascale Pauchet. "I was doubly aware of this problem, because my mom was sick with cancer. Practicing art therapy, I saw closely the expectations of people. "


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