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black wig and mega sunglasses, she moved into

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1 black wig and mega sunglasses, she moved into 于 周三 十一月 23, 2016 10:37 pm

Also keep the wig Warm - and "the anticipation!"
From the hotel to the drugstore and the Sion-Brauhaus: Superstar Lady Gaga (28 / current album "Cheek to Cheek" with entertainer Tony Bennet) op Jöck in Kölle!
She is the craziest superstar, but whoever thinks that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, it is called with a bourgeois name, only in designer stores is wrong!
With trenchcoat, black wig and mega sunglasses, she moved into the city - and had only a few things to do. Instead of gaga full normal! With mascara, lipgloss, magnesium and heartburn block tablets in the basket red wig, the Grammy winner walked through the "dm" market at the Gürzenich.
Cashier Antonella Capizzi (45) immediately recognized the star and was amazed: "This is really unusual. This is rare, "she said, somewhat irritated after the Gaga encounter.
That was also fast in the city rumritten: Hundreds of fans were standing in front of the shop and watched the pop star in the shopping.

Lady Gaga is in Cologne!
Cologne, 06.10.14: US superstar Lady Gaga is in Cologne! On Monday around 1 pm, the singer came to the Hyatt Hotel and was very much awaited by her fans. For her, she took a lot of time despite fatigue.
Undeterred, the Gaga tour led the car to the "Sion" Brauhaus in the old town. In a separate area, the "Poke***ce" starred with good from the Rhenish cuisine, including bratwurst and Sauerbraten and of course Kölsch.
In the Hans-Sion-Stube she poured water into her friends. A star with no attentions! That was also found by Köbes Jupp (44), who served at her table and took a photo with her. "She's so nice, had promised me a photo together with her," he said brightly after the snapshot.


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