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stands out among wigs handmade or machine

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1 stands out among wigs handmade or machine 于 周二 十二月 06, 2016 11:00 pm

Another classification that we can make concerns the materials used, which can be real hair, or porous fiber, the first with logically higher costs.
A further classification relates to the technique of construction of the wig and in particular the way in which the hair is fixed to the cap. so we distinguish wigs monofilament in which the front and top are made of a very lightweight and breathable, which then gives a very natural look, while the elastic seams ensure the flexibility and adaptability of the cap. And 'suitable for those who presents an important thinning, as in the case of chemotherapy. One other technique is called to weaving or texture in which the individual fibers are sewed on various fabric tapes then joined together. These types of wigs are less homogeneous and the monofilament is why Hair Center while arranging long wigs for african american, recommended mainly monofilament wigs.
Finally it stands out among wigs handmade or machine.

We point out that today the cost of wigs for chemotherapy are deductible (you should read the Resolution Ranked # 9 / E of the Revenue) and even in some regions, such as Piedmont, are given a bonus of 250 € for the 'purchase (you can find more details on the website of the Piedmont Region at this link).


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