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bringing in a bag on a wig and shoes

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1 bringing in a bag on a wig and shoes 于 周二 一月 17, 2017 11:47 pm

He went to the home of Manuel Foffo, from Tuesday, bringing in a bag on a wig and shoes with heels. And he disguised as a woman had *** with Foffo, before he got Varani at home. This detail is also apparent from the story of the two, a further indication that Foffo and Prato, albeit only acquaintances, had a bond based on mutual attraction. Although Foffo seems not to want to admit that. The Corriere della Sera and has compared the two versions that contradict on many points:

    According to Marc, Manuel denying his homo***uality synthetic hair wig, he agreed to only have relationships with the disguise of an accomplice future. The murder spark born so Foffo precisely during a threesome with Luke, in which Manuel intervenes' after licking high heels and he gets to walk on the body participating in ***ual arousal. " Prato says: "Manuel was wildly asked me before pouring a drug into the glass of Luke and then after it had begun to feel bad asked me to kill him," This asshole has to die, "screamed in the grip of a sudden, senseless hatred and revulsion at Varani ". Even the search for a victim would be designed to satisfy a fantasy of Manuel: "He wanted to simulate a rape by a prostitute-male," says Prato and not finding it in their car ride, the two call Varani.Fatta this premise, Prato explains his participation in the crime: "I was infatuated with Manuel and I tried to follow his killing spree, obeying passively to his request to choke him. ' Marc said to have tried it with my bare hands, "but without managing to squeeze in order to kill him." Indeed, "Luke seemed to be fighting to stay alive." At that point, put on record Lawn, flanked by his lawyer Pasquale Bartolo, intervenes Foffo and "in the grip of a bestial fury began to hit him with the hammer in the head, always adirandosi more to fail, despite all the blows, to cause the death and repeatedly asking me to help him. "

    Foffo remy lace front wig, for its part, despite having "more fragmented memories", provides a "sharp contrast description" with that of Prato. The only point in common is the admission that they acted together. "I am not attracted by homo***uals and before the arrival of Luke, in the three days spent together, I had with Marc only an oral report from alcohol and drugs that we had taken, 'she begins. The disguise of Prato woman stays for Foffo "inexplicable". But above all, it is different, in his account, the genesis of the decision to kill. "Delusional idea - writes the investigating judge - experience already on Thursday during the drive out in search of a victim who would then quietly materialized almost like an agreement between them at the sight of Luke on Friday morning." A version of this, which then Foffo partially amended in subsequent interrogations, flanked by Advocate Michael Andreano. The last yesterday afternoon, in which he asked to clarify the prosecutor Francesco Scavo some dynamic relations with the accomplice: "I felt threatened by him."


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